Marmot's Featherless:
The Fabric Of The Future For Adventurers

Marmot's Featherless: <br>The Fabric Of The Future For Adventurers

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Any Environment. Any Weather. Always Warm.

Jackets made with that mantra in mind mean you’ll never have to worry about the weather conditions. Not only is it the first synthetic insulation to match the warmth of 700-fill down, Featherless also performs better than down when wet while remaining light and compressible. The result? No more dreading those soggy days in the backcountry, sub-zero snowstorms on the slopes, or drizzly afternoons on the trail.

From the innovative 3M™ technology to the sleek design and eye-catching color choices, this new line is the first of its kind. As mountain athletes know, traditional down jackets can get wet, clumpy, and cold, while other synthetic products lack loft and heat. Marmot understands that gear should elevate you to new heights, rather than hold you back.

With Featherless, there’s no reason to fear cold weather.

With Featherless, there’s no reason to fear cold weather. Photo courtesy of Marmot/Selko Photo

With the new Featherless Insulation Jackets, you’ll be ready for adventure wherever it takes you, no matter the weather.

_ "The Featherless hoody was the perfect addition for my trip to Alaska. Its slim fit and breathable, stretchy fabric made it perfect to put under or over any jacket or layer, and it's so warm and dries so quickly that I basically wore every minute of the trip." — Tanner Flanagan, Marmot athlete _

Marmot’s Featherless technology is designed to repel moisture and retain warmth, even when wet.
Marmot’s Featherless technology is designed to repel moisture and retain warmth, even when wet. Photo courtesy of Marmot

The Best Insulation On Earth

Marmot’s Featherless technology is made of hydrophobic yarns that repel moisture and retain loft even when wet. Engineered with 3M™ Thinsulate™ Featherless Insulation, the synthetic loose-fill insulation was developed over a span of two years to create the most innovative product on the market. 3M™ has lead synthetic insulation since the 1970’s, with the launch of their Thinsulate products.

Better Than Real Down

Featherless jackets perform and feel just like down in dry conditions. The loose-fill synthetic insulation mimics the warmth and pillowy feel of 700 fill down, making it the warmest synthetic down to date. The extremely lightweight jacket packs in at 12.3 ounces and takes up minimal space, making it the ideal gear choice for any type of adventure, from a cold-weather hike to a winter camping trip. You can be soaked to the skin and it will stay warm in the worst conditions: from rain to snow, sleet to wind.

_ "People love down because of its warmth, its lightweight and pillowy nature, and the feel of the product in their hands. We are now able to mimic all of this with Featherless technology. Marmot values it as an alternative to down for environmental reasons but also for the benefit to consumers. It is warmer, more durable, and more functional in many cases. The Featherless technology also takes Marmot’s commitment to sustainability a step further by using recycled polyester as synthetic down filling." —Sylvie d’Azemar, Senior Brand Manager at Marmot _

Marmot’s Featherless is the warmest synthetic down to date.
Marmot’s Featherless is the warmest synthetic down to date. Photo courtesy of Marmot

Cold Spots Eliminated

Featherless jackets are constructed with two layers of fabric weaved together into baffles to eliminate any shifting of the insulation that can cause cold to seep in. This design also reduces stitching, making it warmer and more durable. The incredibly sturdy result means this product is fine-tuned to last years in even the toughest conditions.

Hypoallergenic And BlueSign® Approved

As a synthetic textile, Featherless technology is an even more sustainable option than Traceable Down. These products are approved by BlueSign®, the industry standard in reducing and eliminating waste in the materials supply chain of outdoor apparel. The technology is hypoallergenic and safe for individuals with allergies to natural down.

Lightweight, warm, and durable, Featherless is the perfect companion for any outdoor adventure.
Lightweight, warm, and durable, Featherless is the perfect companion for any outdoor adventure. Photo courtesy of Marmot/Ryan Cleary

Machine Washable Loose-Fiber Fill

Cleaning traditional down jackets requires special care, but the easy-to-clean loose fill Featherless jackets can be thrown in the washer and dryer between adventures. Unlike other synthetic down jackets on the market, Featherless fill is blown into the jackets and stays loose, rather than sewn in, to more closely mirror natural down. Unlike down, however, the synthetic fill won’t clump in the wash.

Designed For You

This versatile technology has been seamlessly integrated into Marmot’s product line, offering a range of jackets that customers have come to expect from this leading outdoor brand. From the Featherless Hoody, designed with the rugged outdoors-person in mind, to the Component Jacket, a three-in-one garment with a MemBrain® waterproof and breathable shell, Marmot Featherless technology is offered in a variety of jackets to keep you warm while hitting the town, slopes, and trails.

Originally written by RootsRated for Marmot.

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