Marmot Knife Edge Jacket - NZ Outdoor Hunting review

Marmot Knife Edge Jacket - NZ Outdoor Hunting review

Marmot Woman’s Knife Edge GORE-TEX® Jacket

Reviewed by Desiree Parker-Munn

As an active New Zealander who spends a lot of time hunting, hiking and being outdoors I love to know about products that make these activities easier and more enjoyable.

Even before un-packaging the Marmot Knife Edge GORE-TEX® jacket, the first thing that stood out to me was the weight - or lack thereof. The lightweight feel of this jacket is a great benefit in situations where you don’t want to be carrying a heavy load, whether that be in your pack or on your body.

The second thing I noticed was the overall appearance and material used and how the style of this jacket is very appealing to me. I was pleasantly surprised with the fit and feel. It is challenging to find outdoors clothing and gear that is suitable for my hunting and hiking needs, yet this jacket is designed specifically with women in mind. The fit and shape is very flattering for the female body and let’s be honest – what female doesn’t like this attribute in clothing.

Before I removed the informative tags, I had a quick read and learnt about the benefits of GORE-TEX® with Paclite® Technology and several other features which sounded great for my needs.

But would it perform and stand up to the conditions?

The real test

Firstly, I decided to take this jacket out on a somewhat easy walk to check our hunting trail camera and scout for deer. The conditions were moderate with a blustery south-easterly. I wanted to see how this jacket would perform when I worked up a decent sweat, as I find it particularly difficult to moderate my body temperature in any hiking or hunting situation. I wore it with a singlet and t-shirt underneath and did a bit of walking, followed by sitting and glassing.

I found the jacket to protect from the chilly autumn wind very well and as I did work up a sweat, I was concerned about sitting in a damp jacket but to my surprise the jacket was extremely breathable and kept me comfortable. Another feature I found useful was the roomy zip side pockets that will happily hold my phone and plenty of other bits and pieces I need to carry.

Desiree Parker-Munn NZ Outdoor Knife Edge review     Marmot Woman’s Knife Edge GORE-TEX® Jacket Reviewed by Desiree Parker-Munn

I then stepped it up a bit and took the jacket into the Ruahine Forest Park. The conditions up there were far from pleasant and it was freezing with a gale force wind and rain. The jacket’s key features for this kind of hunting and hiking are the great wind breaking benefits and when wearing it with a thermal and fleece underneath it is fantastic. As the jacket is seam sealed waterproof I find it to be versatile in most weather situations, which is important up at higher altitudes. I also love the hood as it is nice and roomy but is structured so it doesn’t droop down and get in the way, protecting well in wet weather.

Lastly, I wore the jacket to the local field days where I spent many hours walking around with my family.

One minute it was overcast then it was sunny and the temperature fluctuated but mostly it was very windy and cold. The Marmot Knife Edge wears so well as a general jacket and windbreaker. I love the look and style and it is great as a casual everyday clothing item.


I found the Marmot Knife Edge jacket to be versatile and comfortable. My favourite feature must be how light the jacket is while still being protective and waterproof. It easily folds up very small to fit in my pack and I barely noticed it was in there while out exploring in the hills and bush. Great jacket, Marmot.

Includes the GORE-TEX® GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY® promise that it remains durably waterproof, windproof and breathable for the intended use during the products ‘useful’ life.

Review reproduced with permission of NZ Outdoor Hunting Magazine

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